Activator may mean:

  • Activator (genetics), a DNA-binding protein that regulates one or more genes by increasing the rate of transcription
  • Activator (proteomics), a type of effector that increases the rate of enzyme mediated reactions
  • Activator (phosphor), a type of dopant used in phosphors and scintillators
  • Sega Activator, a motion-sensing controller for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
  • Activator technique, a method of spinal adjustment

Other articles related to "activator":

Coactivator (genetics)
... A coactivator is a protein that increases gene expression by binding to an activator (or transcription factor) which contains a DNA binding domain ... and degradation of the coactivator-activator complex ... of many different genes, since it is the activator that provides the specificity to a particular sequence ...
Prosaposin - Family Members
... It is known by many different names, such as, sphingolipid activator protein-1 (SAP-1), sulfatide activator protein, GM1 ganglioside activator, dispersin, and nonspecific ...
Sirtuin 1 - Selective Ligands - Activators
... Lamin A is a protein that had been identified as a direct activator of Sirtuin 1 during a study on Progeria ... Resveratrol has been claimed to be an activator of Sirtuin 1, however this has been disputed ... SRT-1720 was also claimed to be an activator but this now has been questioned ...
... SRT1720 is a drug developed by Sirtris Pharmaceuticals intended as a small-molecule activator of the sirtuin subtype SIRT1 ... It has similar activity in the body to the known SIRT1 activator resveratrol, but is 1000x more potent ... Since the discovery of SRT1720, the claim that this compound is a SIRT1 activator has been questioned and further defended ...