Abamelik (Armenian: Աբամելիք, Georgian: აბამელიქი, Russian: Абамелик; also rendered as Abamelek, Abymelikov) was a noble family of Armenian origin in the Kingdom of Georgia, and then in the Russian Empire.

The Abamelik were a non-dynastic patrician family in Tbilisi, claiming descent from the Kurdish princes of Agsend that settled in Georgia in 1421. According to the Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary (1890-1906), the family attained to the dignity of princes of the 3rd rank when the Georgian crown prince David (1767-1819) married Helene (1770-1836), daughter of the priest Simon Abamelik, in 1800. The family was officially included in the List of Georgian Princes of the Russian Empire in 1850.

In 1873, Major-General Semyon Abamelik (1815—1888) was granted the right to assume the surname of his late father-in-law, Khristofor Yakimovich Lazarev (1789-1871), for himself and his descendants — the princes Abamelik-Lazarev (Абамелик-Лазаревы). By 1906, both the Abamelik and Abamelik-Lazarev lines were registered in the governorates of Moscow, Podolsk, and Tula.

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