AA - People With The Surname Aa

People With The Surname Aa

  • Van der Aa, a Dutch name
    • Abraham Jacob van der Aa (1792–1857), Dutch literator
    • Christianus Petrus Eliza Robidé van der Aa (1791–1851), Dutch jurist and author
    • Cornelis van der Aa (1749–1816), Dutch bookseller
    • Dirk van der Aa (1731–1809), Dutch rococo painter
    • Michel van der Aa (born 1970), Dutch composer
    • Petrus van der Aa (1530—1594), a Flemish jurist
    • Philips van der Aa, a Dutch statesman during the Eighty Years' War
    • Pieter van der Aa (1659—1733), a Dutch publisher
  • Brynjar Aa, a Norwegian dramatist
  • Terje Aa, bridge player

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