AA - Aa


  • Å, letter found in several languages including Swedish, Norwegian and Danish, which can be alternatively transcribed as "aa" (not in Swedish).
  • Aa River (disambiguation), the name of several waterways in Europe
  • Aa! Megami-sama or Oh My Goddess!, a popular anime/manga series
  • Aa (Big A Little a), an American noise rock group
  • Aa!, a J-Pop musical group
  • Aa (architect), an architect in ancient Egypt
  • Aa (lava flow), a type of lava (see below)
  • Aa (plant), a genus of orchid
  • Aa, Estonia, a village on northern coast of Estonia

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Jicarilla Language - Sample Text
... Dáłaa’é éí édii ... Dáłaa’é éí dá aada’é miigha ... Łe’gó Santa Fe’yé dáłaa’é hai shee goslíí á’ee ...
Fauquier High School - Athletics
... and the sports teams currently play in the AA Evergreen District and AA Region II ... for many years, and had a couple stints in the AA Northwestern District, right after Liberty opened ... Kyle Fortney was the AA State Discus Champion in 2010 and signed with the US Naval Academy ...
Dihomo-gamma-linolenic Acid - Biological Effects
... This is in marked contrast with the analogous metabolites of arachidonic acid (AA), which are the series-2 thromboxanes and prostanoids and the series-4 leukotrienes ... yielding anti-inflammatory eicosanoids, DGLA competes with AA for COX and lipoxygenase, inhibiting the production of AA's eicosanoids ... Supplementing dietary GLA increases serum DGLA, as well as serum AA levels ...
El Modena High School - Marching Band
... They placed 5th in state in the A division in 2009 and 3rd in the AA division in 2010, 6th in the AA division in 2011, and 5th in the AA division in 2012 ...
Westfälische Aa
... The Westfälische Aa ("Westphalian Aa") is a short (8.4 km) river in the Westphalia region of Germany, left tributary of the Werre ...