2004 Grammy Awards - Award Winners - Jazz


  • Best Jazz Instrumental Solo
    • Chick Corea for "Matrix"
  • Best Jazz Instrumental Album, Individual or Group
    • Clark Germain (engineer), Dave Darlington (engineer/mixer), Robert Sadin (engineer/mixer & producer) & Wayne Shorter for Alegría
  • Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album
    • Jay Newland (engineer/mixer), Gil Goldstein, Michael Brecker (producers) & the Michael Brecker Quindectet for Wide Angles
  • Best Jazz Vocal Album
    • Michael O'Reilly (engineer), Arif Mardin (producer) & Dianne Reeves for A Little Moonlight
  • Best Contemporary Jazz Album
    • George Whitty (engineer/mixer & producer) & Randy Brecker (producers & artist) for 34th N Lex
  • Best Latin Jazz Album
    • Robert J. Friedrich (engineer/mixer), Michel Camilo (producer & artist), Charles Flores & Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez for Live at the Blue Note

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