1994 Northridge Earthquake - Government and Organization Affected

Government and Organization Affected

The United States Postal Service suspended all mail service throughout the Los Angeles area for several days. The Los Angeles Public Library shut down most of its branches; books were knocked down after the quake. The Los Angeles City Hall suffered no damage. Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan declared a state of emergency and issued curfews in the area, while Governor Pete Wilson and President Bill Clinton visited Los Angeles to tour the earthquake area. Archbishop Cardinal Roger Mahony's Cathedral of St. Vibiana suffered severe damage and canceled activities until a new church was built in 2002. The Church On The Way, which is near the epicenter, suffered some damage on the church campus building. Jack Hayford also canceled his activities in the church. The Martin Luther King Jr. Parade, scheduled to take place on the day of the earthquake, was not held.

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