Young Lords

The Young Lords, later Young Lords Organization and in New York (notably Spanish Harlem), Young Lords Party, was a Puerto Rican nationalist group in several United States cities, notably New York City and Chicago.

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McCormick Theological Seminary - Young Lords Takeover
... In 1969, the Young Lords and 350 local community residents led by Jose Cha Cha Jimenez and aided by seminary students, sat in at the seminary's administration building and held it for a week, demanding $650 ... The Young Lords were the center of the coalition and they chained the doors and took administration offices over and held them for a full week ... these families with their children joined the Young Lords inside ...
Young Lords - Decline and Aftermath
... By 1973, the Young Lords had been crippled and had all but been destroyed by the FBI's discreditations and divide-and-conquer tactics of COINTELPRO and other government investigative agencies ... In Chicago, the Young Lords resurfaced after two and a half years of being forced underground by repression from groups like the Gang Intelligence Unit, the Red ... to run an underground training school for new Young Lords leadership ...
Felipe Luciano
... He co-founded the New York chapter of the Young Lords (later called the Young Lords Party in New York)and served as its chair ... The original Young Lords in Chicago developed because their Puerto Rican community was being gentrified.The Young Lords Party in NYC which originated within the Young Lords Movement ...
Division Street Riots - Aftermath
... primarily Puerto Rican national movement of the Young Lords was founded by Jose Cha Cha Jimenez and began officially on September 23, 1968 two years later ... The Young Lords also announced the first Latino political candidate to challenge directly the Richard J ... They ran the founder of the Young Lords Movement, Jose Cha Cha Jimenez as their candidate for alderman and he garnered 39% of the vote, in a three way race ...

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