XYY Syndrome

XYY syndrome is an aneuploidy (abnormal number) of the sex chromosomes in which a human male receives an extra Y-chromosome, giving a total of 47 chromosomes instead of the more usual 46. This produces a 47,XYY karyotype, which occurs in 1 in 1,000 male births.

Some medical geneticists question whether the term "syndrome" is appropriate for this condition because its clinical phenotype is normal and the vast majority (an estimated 97% in Britain) of 47,XYY males do not know their karyotype.

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XYY Syndrome - History - 1980s and Later
... gene, haploinsufficiency of which leads to short stature in Turner syndrome (45,X) ... chromosome trisomies 47,XXX, 47,XXY, and 47,XYY ... Götz and colleagues that found an increased rate of criminal convictions among seventeen XYY men identified in the Edinburgh newborn screening study compared to an above-average-IQ ...

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