Wound Rotor

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Doubly Fed Electric Machine - Double Fed Induction Generator
... It is based on an induction generator with a multiphase wound rotor and a multiphase slip ring assembly with brushes for access to the rotor windings ... A better alternative is a brushless wound-rotor doubly fed electric machine ... The principle of the DFIG is that rotor windings are connected to the grid via slip rings and back-to-back voltage source converter that controls both ...
AC Motor - Wound Rotors
... An alternate design, called the wound rotor, is used when variable speed is required ... In this case, the rotor has the same number of poles as the stator and the windings are made of wire, connected to slip rings on the shaft ... In certain high-power variable speed wound-rotor drives, the slip-frequency energy is captured, rectified and returned to the power supply through an inverter ...

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