Wolf Rayet

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Super Nova - Current Models - Progenitor
... Fraction of core collapse supernovae types by progenitor Type Progenitor star Fraction Ib WC Wolf-Rayet 10% Ic WO Wolf-Rayet 10% II-P Supergiant 70% II-L Supergiant with ... supernova progenitors, partly due to their high luminosity, while not a single Wolf Rayet progenitor has yet been confirmed ...
Star Types - Extended Spectral Types - Hot Blue Emission Star Classes - Class W: Wolf–Rayet
... Class W or WR represents the WolfRayet stars, notably unusual since they have mostly helium in their atmospheres instead of hydrogen ... Wolf-Rayet examples Example R136a1 (WN5h) Example Gamma2 Velorum A (WC8) Example WR93B (WO3) ...

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