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Wireless Services

Common examples of wireless equipment include:

  • Telemetry control and traffic control systems
  • Infrared and ultrasonic remote control devices
  • Professional LMR (Land Mobile Radio) and SMR (Specialized Mobile Radio) typically used by business, industrial and Public Safety entities.
  • Consumer Two way radio including FRS Family Radio Service, GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) and Citizens band ("CB") radios.
  • The Amateur Radio Service (Ham radio).
  • Consumer and professional Marine VHF radios.
  • Airband and radio navigation equipment used by aviators and air traffic control
  • Cellular telephones and pagers: provide connectivity for portable and mobile applications, both personal and business.
  • Global Positioning System (GPS): allows drivers of cars and trucks, captains of boats and ships, and pilots of aircraft to ascertain their location anywhere on earth.
  • Cordless computer peripherals: the cordless mouse is a common example; keyboards and printers can also be linked to a computer via wireless using technology such as Wireless USB or Bluetooth
  • Cordless telephone sets: these are limited-range devices, not to be confused with cell phones.
  • Satellite television: Is broadcast from satellites in geostationary orbit. Typical services use direct broadcast satellite to provide multiple television channels to viewers.

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