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Command Shells - Graphical Shells - On X Window System
... Graphical (GUI) shells typically build on top of a windowing system ... In case of the X Window System, there are both independent X window managers, and complete desktop environments which depend on a window manager ... X Window System environments (mainly for Unix-like operating systems) independent X window managers, such as Blackbox Fluxbox ratpoison xmonad dwm desktop ...
Mini GLX
... is a specification for an application programming interface which facilitates OpenGL rendering on systems without windowing systems, e.g ... Linux without an X Window System or embedded systems without a windowing system ... Programs written for Mini GLX can run unchanged on systems with the X Window System and the GLX extension ...
Ultrix Window Manager - History
... The Ultrix Window Manager was developed by the Digital Equipment Corporation for their Ultrix operating system ... Shortly thereafter, it became included as part of the base X Window System distribution, beginning with X10R3 ... Initially, it was distributed alongside two other window managers (xwm and xnwm) ...
Genera (operating System) - User Interface
... The early versions of Symbolics Genera were built with the original windowing system of the Lisp Machine operating system ... Many of the applications of Genera have then been using Dynamic Windows for their user interface ... Eventually there was a move to port parts of the window system to run on other Common Lisp implementations by other vendors as the Common Lisp Interface Manager (CLIM) ...

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