Who is seton i. miller?

Seton I. Miller

Seton Ingersoll Miller (May 3, 1902 – March 29, 1974) was a Hollywood screenwriter and producer. During his career, he worked with many notable American film directors, such as Howard Hawks and Michael Curtiz.

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Famous quotes by seton i. miller:

    If you hadn’t been in such a hurry to cremate me, I wouldn’t be in the jam I’m in now.
    Seton I. Miller (1902–1974)

    Mr. Jordan: What territory do you cover?
    Messenger 7013: It’s a place called New Jersey. And if it could be arranged, sir, I should like very much to be transferred.
    Seton I. Miller (1902–1974)

    Tony Abbott: I didn’t know you played a saxophone.
    Joe Pendleton: Yeah, well, a lot of people don’t know it. Even after they see me playing it they don’t know it.
    Seton I. Miller (1902–1974)