What is xul?


XUL (/ˈzuːl/ ZOOL, ) XUL stands for XML User Interface Language. XUL is a markup language that is developed by the Mozilla Project. XUL is a user interface markup language implemented as an XML dialect; it allows for graphical user interfaces to be written in a similar manner to Web pages.

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Psycho Fox - Sequels and Re-releases
... In Brazil, Tectoy released the game as Sapo Xulé Os Invasores do Brejo (translated as "Xulé Frog Invaders of the Swamp"), which Psycho Fox and his friends were replaced by ...
XUL - Similar Languages
... Microsoft's HTML Application resembles XUL as it provides a stand-alone capability to run applications on Windows, outside of a Web browser ... Foundation (WPF) defines XAML, another declarative UI language similar to XUL — it runs on top of the.NET Framework stack ...
Ample SDK - Standards-based Web-development - Style
... The styling of your application is done in CSS, for example @namespace xul "http//www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul".test { font-weight bold } xul
Layout Manager - Examples - XUL
... In XUL, one can use elements like the vbox container to stack components on top of each other ...