What is XL?

  • (adj): Being ten more than thirty.
    Synonyms: forty, 40, twoscore
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XL or xl may stand for:

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Toyota Corolla (E110) - Philippines
... In the Philippines, the Corolla had 3 grades — the base 1.3 XL, the 1.3 XE and the 1.6 GLi, all launched around December 1997 ... All were sold until mid-2001, except the XL ... The XL came with a 2-spoke urethane steering wheel, wind-up windows, a 5-speed manual transmission, 13" steel wheels, no tachometer and no digital clock ...
... XL or xl may stand for 40 (number) in Roman numerals In business Extra large, a clothing size XL Airways France, a French airline XL Airways Germany, a German charter airline XL Axiata, an Indonesian ...
Star XL
... Star XL may refer to one of the following XL Airways Germany, sometimes known as Star XL German Airways The Weather Star XL IRIX computer built for The ...
... SPC XL is a statistical add-in for Microsoft Excel ... SPC XL is a replacement for SPC KISS which was released in 1993 making it one of the oldest statistical addons to Excel ... SPC XL provides statistical analysis including Control chart, Process capability, Histogram, Pareto chart, and ANOVA Gage R R ...
List Of Computer System Emulators - 8-bit Systems - Atari 8-bit Family
130XE Atari ST, DOS, Windows, OS/2 Freeware XL-it! 0.20 01997-01-011997 Atari 800, Atari 800XL, Atari 130XE DOS Freeware ...

More definitions of "XL":

  • (noun): The cardinal number that is the product of ten and four.
    Synonyms: forty, 40