What is white croaker?

White Croaker

White croaker (Genyonemus lineatus) is a species of croaker occurring in the Eastern Pacific. White croakers have been taken from Magdalena Bay, Baja California, to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, but are not abundant north of San Francisco. White croakers swim in loose schools at or near the bottom of sandy areas. Sometimes they aggregate in the surf zone or in shallow bays and lagoons. Most of the time they are found in offshore areas at depths of 3 to 30 meters (10 to 100 feet). On rare occasions they are fairly abundant at depths as great as 200 meters (600 feet).

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Montrose Chemical Corporation Of California - Policy Changes and Cleanup
... the commercial fishing ban and recreational catch limit for white croaker along the Palos Verdes coast, began educating people about fish consumption advisories, monitored contaminant levels in commercially sold fish ... EPA continues to sample white croakers at local markets ... Department of Fish and Game to enhance enforcement of the white croaker commercial fishing ban off Palos Verdes peninsula and the daily catch limit on white croaker for non-com ...
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... White croaker meat has been used as a co-ingredient in creating Crab stick. ...

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