What is weak?

  • (adj): Characterized by excessive softness or self-indulgence.
    Synonyms: effeminate
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Weak is a generic adjective pertaining to a general state of feebleness, a lack of strength, durability, or vigor.

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Mayor–council Government - Weak-mayor Form
... In a "weak" mayor-council system, the mayor has no formal authority outside of the council he/she cannot appoint and/or remove officials, and lacks veto power over ... Charles Adrian and Charles Press explain, "The weak-mayor plan is a product of Jacksonian democracy ... powers and many checks, then they can do relatively little damage." This elected, weak mayor form of government may be found in small towns in the United States that do not ...
Sarah Bridle - Academic Interests
... statistical techniques to the CMB and on the use of weak gravitational lensing to learn about cosmology ... She co-leads weak lensing efforts with Dark Energy Survey (DES) and was co-lead of the Euclid Weak Lensing working group ...
Weak Mindedness
... Weak mindedness is the state of being easily impressionable or possessing a weak sense of self-will, judgement or conviction ... A weak minded individual's opinion may be easily swayed by propaganda or emotional manipulation tactics, as they do not possess an adequate ability to judge or discern the quality of an ... Weak mindedness can result from several factors, including but not limited to lack of education, lack of critical thinking skills, lack of interpersonal experience or understanding, or developmental ...
LPBoost Overview
... form where are non-negative weightings for weak classifiers ... Each individual weak classifier may be just a little bit better than random, but the resulting linear combination of many weak classifiers can perform very well ... LPBoost constructs by starting with an empty set of weak classifiers ...

More definitions of "weak":

  • (adj): Having little physical or spiritual strength.
    Example: "A weak radio signal"; "a weak link"
  • (adj): Used of verbs having standard (or regular) inflection.
  • (adj): Used of vowels or syllables; pronounced with little or no stress.
    Example: "A weak stress on the second syllable"
    Synonyms: unaccented, light
  • (adj): Overly diluted; thin and insipid.
    Example: "Weak tea"
    Synonyms: watery, washy
  • (adj): Lacking physical strength or vigor.

Famous quotes containing the word weak:

    He serveth the servant,
    The brave he loves amain;
    He kills the cripple and the sick,
    And straight begins again.
    For gods delight in gods,
    And thrust the weak aside;
    To him who scorns their charities,
    Their arms fly open wide.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    How weak and little is the light,
    All the universe of sight,
    Love and delight,
    Before the might,
    If you love it not, of night.
    Edward Thomas (1878–1917)

    Whose are the truly labored sentences? From the weak and flimsy periods of the politician and literary man, we are glad to turn even to the description of work, the simple record of the month’s labor in the farmer’s almanac, to restore our tone and spirits.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)