What is voiced?

  • (adj): Produced or delivered by the voice; often used in combination.
    Example: "A frequently voiced opinion"; "voiced consonants such as 'b' and 'g' and 'z'"; "loud-voiced teenagers"
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Virtual Organization for Innovative Conceptual Engineering Design (VOICED) is a virtual organization that promotes innovation in engineering design. This project is the collaborative work of researchers at five universities across the United States, and is funded by the National Science Foundation. The goal of this virtual organization is to facilitate the sharing of design information between often geographically dispersed engineers and designers through the use of a robust and sophisticated design repository. Additionally, functional data can be mapped to historical failure data and possible components to create a conceptual design.

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Power Rangers Zeo - Characters - Villains - Rita & Zedd
... Lord Zedd Portrayed by Edwin Neal (credited as Ed Neil) and voiced by Robert Axelrod ... Rita Repulsa Portrayed by Carla Perez and voiced by Barbara Goodson ... Finster Voiced by Robert Axelrod ...
Voiced Palato-alveolar Affricate
... The voiced palato-alveolar affricate, also described as voiced domed postalveolar affricate, is a type of consonantal sound, used in some spoken languages ...
List Of Naruto Characters - Antagonists - Akatsuki - Tobi
... In the Japanese anime, Obito is voiced by Naoya Uchida while his Tobi persona is voiced by Wataru Takagi ... In his youth, he is voiced by Sōsuke Komori ... In the English anime, Obito is voiced by Neil Kaplan with Michael Yurchak voicing his Tobi persona ...
Dallos - Characters
... Shun Nonomura (シュン・ノノムラ?) Voiced by Hideki Sasaki Alex Riger Voiced by Shūichi Ikeda Rachel Voiced by Rumiko Ukai Melinda Hearst Voiced ...
Kirche - Gallia - The Gensou Siblings
... Damiem (ダミアン, Damian?) Voiced by Mutsumi Tamura Bleu (ブルー, Burū?) Voiced by Yuichi Iguchi Jack (ジャック, Jakku?) Voiced by Itaru Yamamoto Jeanette (ジャネット, Janetto?) Voiced by Natsumi ...

More definitions of "voiced":

  • (adj): Of speech sounds.
    Synonyms: sonant