What is vector?

  • (noun): A variable quantity that can be resolved into components.
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Vector, a Latin word meaning "carrier", may refer in English to:

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Two-body Problem - Two-body Motion Is Planar
... of change of the angular momentum L equals the net torque N and using the property of the vector cross product that v × w = 0 for any vectors v and w pointing in the same direction, with F = μ d 2r / dt 2 ... follows that r × F = 0 and the angular momentum vector L is constant (conserved) ... Therefore, the displacement vector r and its velocity v are always in the plane perpendicular to the constant vector L ...
Vector W2
... The Vector W2 is a concept car created by Vector Motors in 1980 ... The name supposedly comes from the "W" for Jerry Wiegert (designer and founder of Vector) and "2" for the number of turbos ... version of the W2 went in production as the Vector W8 ...
Vector - Other Uses
... Aerodyne Systems Vector, ultralight aircraft Lift vector, an upwards force acting on aircraft Thrust vectoring, the ability of an aircraft or other vehicle to direct the ...
Vexel - Etymology
... popular teen message board Nova Boards to give it a distinctive name from traditional vector graphics ... Seth didn't approve of calling the raster images that looked like vectors the name of "vector" ... of what they would be called, he coined the term "vexel" as a combination of vector and pixel since they were not simply rasters, and those asking needed a name for a new style ...
Tensor Field
... is a generalization of a scalar (a pure number representing a value, like length) and a vector (a geometrical arrow in space), a tensor field is a generalization of a scalar field or ...

More definitions of "vector":

  • (noun): A straight line segment whose length is magnitude and whose orientation in space is direction.
  • (noun): Any agent (person or animal or microorganism) that carries and transmits a disease.
    Synonyms: transmitter