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The Tech Guy - Podcast
... Every show is available as a podcast on the TWiT network, distributed via RSS feed at twit.tv/TTG ... relaxed, and the show is now allowed to be posted hours after first broadcast to TWiT, and caller audio is now heard on the live video and TWiT.am audio feeds ... Laporte to solicit his traditional TWiT advertisers to sponsor the podcast feeds, while retaining his advertisers for the radio version ...
Tom Merritt - Career - TWiT Network
... Prior to joining TWiT as an employee, Merritt had a long standing working relationship with former TechTV colleague Leo Laporte's network having regularly appeared on ... discussion podcast with Roger Chang, East Meets West, also featured on TWiT Live ... Upon joining TWiT.tv, Merritt brought with him two shows previously produced by cartoonist Scott Johnson's Frogpants Studios ...
This Week In Tech
... This Week in Tech–casually referred to as TWiT, and briefly known as Revenge of the Screen Savers–is the weekly flagship podcast of the TWiT.tv network ... TWiT now broadcasts from the TWiT 'brickhouse' studios, as of the 24th July 2011 ... USA, a few blocks away from the former TWiT 'cottage', which they broadcasted from for over 6 years ...
List Of The Deptford Mice Characters - The Deptford Mice - William "Twit" Scuttle
... William Scuttle, or Twit, is a field mouse and the cousin of Oswald Chitter ... nickname comes from the fact that many of the characters consider him to be dim-witted and a twit, but he ends up proving them wrong ...
Twit - See Also
... "Upper Class Twit of the Year", a comedy sketch by Monty Python. ...

More definitions of "twit":

  • (noun): Aggravation by deriding or mocking or criticizing.
    Synonyms: taunt, taunting
  • (noun): Someone who is regarded as contemptible.
    Synonyms: twerp, twirp

Famous quotes containing the word twit:

    Twit twit twit
    Jug jug jug jug jug jug
    So rudely forc’d.
    —T.S. (Thomas Stearns)