What is tumor?

  • (noun): An abnormal new mass of tissue that serves no purpose.
    Synonyms: tumour, neoplasm


A tumor (or tumour) is commonly used as a synonym for a neoplasm (a solid or fluid-filled lesion that may or may not be formed by an abnormal growth of neoplastic cells) that appears enlarged in size. Tumor is not synonymous with cancer. While cancer is by definition malignant, a tumor can be benign, pre-malignant, or malignant, or can represent a lesion without any cancerous potential whatsoever.

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Sic1 Homologue in Human and Diseases
... These results suggest that p27Kip1 acts as a tumor suppressor ... of p27Kip1 is associated with the development of the tumors ... with a gastric adenocarcinoma (stomach cancer) have a higher chance of survival if the tumor has high p27Kip1 expression ...
Lhermitte–Duclos Disease - Treatment
... Symptomatic patients may benefit from tumor debulking ... Complete tumor removal is not usually needed and can be difficult due to the tumor location ...
Stromal Tumor
... A stromal tumor is a tumor that arises in the supporting connective tissue of an organ ...
La Jolla Institute For Allergy And Immunology - Cancer Research - Tumor Suppressor
... have discovered its previously unknown role as a tumor suppressor that may be important in myeloproliferative diseases and some types of lymphoma ... completely different function that no one knew it had - as a tumor suppressor," said the La Jolla Institute's Toshiaki Kawakami, M.D ...
Tumor - Causes
... Recently, tumor growth has been studied using mathematics and continuum mechanics ... Vascular tumors are thus looked at as being amalgams of a solid skeleton formed by sticky cells and an organic liquid filling the spaces in which cells can grow ... their influence on the growth of the tumor and the surrounding tissue and vasculature elucidated ...