What is tracer?

  • (noun): An instrument used to make tracings.
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Tracer - Entertainment
... Tracer (DC Comics), a DC Comics character Tracer (Marvel Comics), a Marvel Comics supervillain Tracer (Transformers), a fictional character ...
Anterograde Tracing - Techniques
... relied upon the direct physical injection of various visualizable tracer molecules (e.g ... Other tracer molecules allow for the visualization of large networks of axonal projections extending from the neurons exposed to the tracer ... The aforementioned tracers such as GFP and DiI are technically not anterograde tracers they do not selectively travel in a certain direction and are not actively transported by the cell ...
Patlak Plot
... model that uses linear regression to identify and analyze pharmacokinetics of tracers involving irreversible uptake, such as in the case of deoxyglucose ... of nuclear medicine imaging data after the injection of a radioopaque or radioactive tracer ... depend on any specific compartmental model configuration for the tracer, and the minimal assumption is that the behavior of the tracer can be ...
Calvin's Alter Egos (Calvin And Hobbes) - Tracer Bullet - Appearances
... Watterson first used Tracer Bullet in a story where Calvin has Hobbes cut his hair because, "the barber never cuts it the way ," and ends up bald ... to cover his head led to the introduction of Tracer Bullet ... Tracer Bullet only appeared twice more ...
Jet Storm - Cast
... Lane Clara Forrester Cec Linder Col Coe Neil McCallum Gil Gilbert Lana Morris Jane Tracer George Rose James Brock Peter Bayliss Bentley Captain John Crewdson Whitman Paul Eddington ...

More definitions of "tracer":

  • (noun): (radiology) any radioactive isotope introduced into the body to study metabolism or other biological processes.
  • (noun): An investigator who is employed to find missing persons or missing goods.
  • (noun): Ammunition whose flight can be observed by a trail of smoke.
    Synonyms: tracer bullet