What is Southern Rhodesia?

  • (noun): A landlocked republic in south central Africa formerly called Rhodesia; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1980.
    Synonyms: Zimbabwe, Republic of Zimbabwe, Rhodesia

Southern Rhodesia

Southern Rhodesia was the name of the self-governing British colony situated north of the Limpopo River and the Union of South Africa. The area it occupied has been called Zimbabwe since 1980. Following its Unilateral Declaration of Independence in 1965, it was known as "Rhodesia" until 1979, when it reconstituted itself under majority rule as the unrecognised state of "Zimbabwe Rhodesia", headed by Bishop Abel Muzorewa. It reverted to colonial status with the Lancaster House Agreement of December 1979, and became the recognised state of Zimbabwe in April 1980, with Robert Mugabe elected as prime minister. A policy of Africanization was soon adopted, with the goal of replacing traces of former British, Rhodesian and white rule, laws, property and nomenclature with alternatives regarded as more indigenous.

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Liberalism In Zimbabwe - Introduction
... The first political party in Southern Rhodesia to name designate itself as "liberal" was the Southern Rhodesia Liberal Party, founded by Jacob Smit as an opposition party against the then-dominant ... militant opposition was the United African National Council, led by (Zimbabwe Rhodesia) Prime Minister Rev ... The reformist prime minister of Southern Rhodesia, Garfield Todd, also advocated against the Ian Smith government, for which he was detained (he also advocated against the Mugabe ...
List Of Diasporas - R
... Southern Rhodesia had the distinction amongst Britain's African colonies of being a self-governing Crown Colony ... As a result most Southern Rhodesians did not regard Great Britain as home but instead regarded Southern Rhodesia as home, though they did recognise cultural ties to ... following the Bush War (1966–1979, during which period the former Southern Rhodesia was known as Rhodesia) more than half of Rhodesia's population of European descent emigrated mainly to Australia, New Zealand ...
Evolution of Southern Rhodesia
... rule 1890–1923 First Matabele War 1893–1894 Second Matabele War 1896–1897 Southern Rhodesia 1923–1965 World War II 1939–1945 Malayan Emergency 1948–1960 ... Rhodesia dependency 1979–1980 Zimbabwe 1980– Zimbabwe portal ...
Maramba - History - Colonial History
... resources such as timber, ivory and animal skins in the territory it called North-Western Rhodesia ... In the mid 1890s Rhodesian Railways had reached Bulawayo in Southern Rhodesia spurring industrial development there, fuelled by the coal mines at Hwange just 110 km (68 mi) south-east of Mosi-oa-Tunya ... In 1904 the railway reached the Falls on the southern side and construction of the Victoria Falls Bridge started ...

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