What is southeast?

  • (noun): The southeastern region of the United States.
    Synonyms: southeastern United States
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Anděl (crater)
... Nearby craters of note include Abulfeda to the south-southeast and Descartes to the east-southeast ... The interior floor is nearly flat, with some irregularities to the southeast ... There is a tiny craterlet located just to the southeast of the midpoint, but no central peak of any significance ...
Ethnic Groups In Asia - Southeast Asia
... Southeast Asia consists of Mainland Southeast Asia and Maritime Southeast Asia ... Southeast Asia is usually thought to include Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, East Timor, Brunei and the Philippines ... Southeast Asia seems to be more influenced by India rather than China with the exception of Vietnam, which has been significantly influenced by China, which is why Vietnam is put in the East Asian cultural ...
Islam In Southeast Asia
... Islam is the most widely practiced religion in Southeast Asia, numbering approximately 240 million adherents which translate to about 40% of the entire population, with majorities in ... Significant minorities are located in the other Southeast Asian states ... Most Muslims in Southeast Asia belong to the Sunni sect and within it, the Shafi`i school of fiqh, or religious law ...
Region-based Sinophobia - Southeast Asia
... Anti-Chinese sentiment in Southeast Asian countries is often rooted in historical factors a perceived lack of assimilation and/or a socio-economic divide ... China and refugees of the Punti-Hakka Clan Wars in China emigrated throughout Southeast Asia countries and eventually became the majority population of Singapore, a large minority in Malaysia and Thailand ... resentment amongst the indigenous majority is characteristic of virtually every country in Southeast Asia" ...

More definitions of "southeast":

  • (noun): The compass point midway between south and east; at 135 degrees.
    Synonyms: sou'-east, SE