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Get Out, Give In - Track Listings
... Get Out, Give In" "The Spaces Between" "Sleazy" (Live Demo) "Black Bird" (Live Demo) "Killer Kat" (Live Demo) The version of "Get Out, Give In" is exactly the same as the one featured on the Lovers le ... The demos of "Blackbird" (then called "Black Bird") and "Sleazy" were recorded in a similar fashion ... for In the Midst of This, however no other version of "Sleazy" has been released to date ...
Sleazy (Expatriate Song)
... "Sleazy" is a song by Sydney band Expatriate ... Live performances of "Sleazy" ceased once In the Midst of This was released ...
Sleazy Bed Track
... "Sleazy Bed Track" is a song by The Bluetones, released as the third single from their second album, 1998's Return to the Last Chance Saloon ... Select magazine's review of "Sleazy Bed Track" in August 1998 marked its "astonishing resemblance" to "Fall at Your Feet" by Crowded House ...
Fuck Wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin') - Music Video
... a parody character of Eazy-E called "Sleazy-E", complete with a Jheri Curl hairstyle and wearing dark sunglasses, played by A.J ... There is an interlude in the middle of the video, where Sleazy-E introduces his two new grotesque protégés, played by Bushwick Bill and Warren G ... Sleazy appears in a number of situations, including being shot, becoming homeless, being chased by armed men, and finally, on the Pasadena freeway with a sign "Will Rap for Food" ...
It's Sleazy
... It's Sleazy is Gwar's fifth conceptual movie, in which the band appears on Sleazy P ... Martini's talk show ...

More definitions of "sleazy":

  • (adj): Of cloth; thin and loosely woven.
    Example: "The coat has a sleazy lining"
  • (adj): Morally degraded.
    Example: "Sleazy characters hanging around casinos"; "sleazy storefronts with...dirt on the walls"- Seattle Weekly
    Synonyms: seamy, seedy, sordid, squalid