What is royalist?

  • (noun): An advocate of the principles of monarchy.
    Synonyms: monarchist


A royalist supports a particular monarch as head of state for a particular kingdom, or of a particular dynastic claim. In the abstract, this position is royalism. It is distinct from monarchism, which advocates a monarchical system of government, but not necessarily a particular monarch. Most often, the term royalist is applied to a supporter of a current regime or one that has been recently overthrown to form a republic.

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List Of Characters In Suikoden V - Royalist - Queen's Knights - Alenia
... Jeane later affixes the Twilight Rune to her, despite the lack of compatibility Alenia uses it in the defense of Doraat, much to Zerase's chagrin ... She only narrowly escapes from Doraat thanks to Dolph's intervention, and Gizel has the Rune removed afterward in favor of Sialeeds ...
List Of People Associated With The Revolt Of The Brotherhoods - Royalists - Other Royalists
... Duke of Segorbe, commander of the royalist armies at the battles of Orpesa and Almenara, two royal victories ... de Zúñiga y Requesens, Marquis of Los Vélez, commander of the royalist armies at the battle of Oriola, the decisive royalist victory of the war ...
Siege Of Gloucester - Prelude
... The siege took place after a run of Royalist successes, known as the "Royalist summer" ... a weakened London, or to consolidate the South Western Royalist stronghold by attacking the small garrison at Gloucester ... Gloucester's position cutting the overland route between Royalist-held Wales and Cornwall made it a favourable target, and with the city having only a very small garrison the King may have believed that ...
Spanish American Wars Of Independence - Last Royalist Bastions, 1825–1833
... In the following decade, royalist guerrillas continued to operate in several countries and Spain launched a few attempts to retake parts of the Spanish American mainland ... The Pincheira brothers moved to Patagonia and remained there as royalist outlaws until defeated in 1832 ...