What is routing?


Routing is the process of selecting paths in a network along which to send network traffic. Routing is performed for many kinds of networks, including the telephone network (circuit switching), electronic data networks (such as the Internet), and transportation networks. This article is concerned primarily with routing in electronic data networks using packet switching technology.

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Some articles on routing:

Routing - Route Analytics
... business tools, there has been increased interest in techniques and methods to monitor the routing posture of networks ... Incorrect routing or routing issues cause undesirable performance degradation, flapping and/or downtime ... Monitoring routing in a network is achieved using route analytics tools and techniques ...
Link‐state Routing Protocol - Failure Modes
... all the nodes are not working from exactly the same map, routing loops can form ... Routing loops involving more than two nodes are also possible ... This can occur since each node computes its shortest-path tree and its routing table without interacting in any way with any other nodes ...