What is regress?

Some articles on regress:

Experimenter's Regress
... In science, experimenter's regress refers to a loop of dependence between theory and evidence ... If experimenter's regress acts a positive feedback system, it can be a source of pathological science ... Experimenter's regress is a typical relativistic phenomenon in the Empirical Programme of Relativism (EPOR) ...
The Pilgrim's Regress
... The Pilgrim's Regress is a book of allegorical fiction by C ... Pilgrim's Regress was originally panned by critics ... and encouragement when the early edition of his Pilgrim's Regress was not selling well ...
Ryle's Regress
... In philosophy, Ryle's regress is a classic argument against cognitivist theories, and concludes that such theories are essentially meaningless as they do not explain what they purport to ... the intellectualist legend results in an infinite regress of thought According to the legend, whenever an agent does anything intelligently, his act is preceded and steered by another ... best to reflect how to act? The endlessness of this implied regress shows that the application of the criterion of appropriateness does not entail the occurrence of a process of considering this criterion.(The ...
Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia - Progression and Regression
... However most CIN spontaneously regress ... Left untreated, about 70% of CIN-1 will regress within one year, and 90% will regress within two years ... About 50% of CIN 2 will regress within 2 years without treatment ...

More definitions of "regress":

  • (verb): Go back to a statistical means.
  • (noun): The reasoning involved when you assume the conclusion is true and reason backward to the evidence.
    Synonyms: reasoning backward

Famous quotes containing the word regress:

    Parents offer an open womb. More than anyone else in your life, mothers, and sometimes fathers, can kiss it, and make it well when their grown children need to regress and repair. More than anyone else in your life, mothers, and sometimes fathers, can catch you when you start to fall. When you are in disgrace, defeat, and despair, home may be the safest place to hide.
    Frank Pittman (20th century)