What is rational?

  • (adj): Consistent with or based on or using reason.
    Example: "Rational behavior"; "a process of rational inference"; "rational thought"
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Rational - Other
... Rational choice theory (criminology) Rational Response Squad Rational ignorance Rational motion Rational irrationality ...
List Of Mathematical Series - Rational Functions
... An infinite series of any rational function of can be reduced to a finite series of polygamma functions, by use of partial fraction decomposition ... This fact can also be applied to finite series of rational functions, allowing the result to be computed in constant time even when the series contains a large number of terms ...
Trigonometric Number
... an irrational number produced by taking the sine or cosine of a rational multiple of a circle, or equivalently, the sine or cosine in radians of a rational multiple of π, or the cosine of ... Ivan Niven gave proofs of theorems regarding these numbers in Numbers Rational and Irrational published in 1961 ...
Shewhart Individuals Control Chart
... monitor variables data from a business or industrial process for which it is impractical to use rational subgroups ... Where automation allows inspection of each unit, so rational subgrouping has less benefit ... is slow so that waiting for enough samples to make a rational subgroup unacceptably delays monitoring For processes that produce homogeneous batches (e.g ...
... neoclassical economists, refers to economics as the logic of rational action and decision-making, as rational choice between the alternative uses of limited (scarce ...

More definitions of "rational":

  • (adj): Capable of being expressed as a quotient of integers.
    Example: "Rational numbers"
  • (adj): Having its source in or being guided by the intellect (distinguished from experience or emotion).
    Example: "A rational analysis"
  • (adj): Of or associated with or requiring the use of the mind.
    Example: "The triumph of the rational over the animal side of man"
    Synonyms: intellectual, noetic

Famous quotes containing the word rational:

    To a first approximation, the intentional strategy consists of treating the object whose behavior you want to predict as a rational agent with beliefs and desires and other mental states exhibiting what Brentano and others call intentionality.
    Daniel Clement Dennett (b. 1942)

    Since the Greeks, Western man has believed that Being, all Being, is intelligible, that there is a reason for everything ... and that the cosmos is, finally, intelligible. The Oriental, on the other hand, has accepted his existence within a universe that would appear to be meaningless, to the rational Western mind, and has lived with this meaninglessness. Hence the artistic form that seems natural to the Oriental is one that is just as formless or formal, as irrational, as life itself.
    William Barrett (b. 1913)

    Social and scientific progress are assured, sir, once our great system of postpossession payments is in operation, not the installment plan, no sir, but a system of small postpossession payments that clinch the investment. No possible rational human wish unfulfilled. A man with a salary of fifty dollars a week can start payments on a Rolls-Royce, the Waldorf-Astoria, or a troupe of trained seals if he so desires.
    John Dos Passos (1896–1970)