What is platoon?

  • (noun): A military unit that is a subdivision of a company; usually has a headquarters and two or more squads; usually commanded by a lieutenant.
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A platoon is a military unit typically composed of two to four sections or squads and containing 26 to 50 soldiers. Platoons are organized into a company, which typically consists of three, four or five platoons. A platoon is typically the smallest military unit led by a commissioned officer—the platoon leader or platoon commander, usually a lieutenant. He is usually assisted by a senior non-commissioned officer—the platoon sergeant.

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More definitions of "platoon":

  • (noun): A group of persons who are engaged in a common activity.
    Example: "Platoons of tourists poured out of the busses"; "the defensive platoon of the football team"
  • (noun): A team of policemen working under the military platoon system.