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Counts Of Carcassonne - Counts of Carcassonne
844 Bernard, also count of Barcelona 844 – 845 Argila 845 – 850 Bera II, also count of Razès 850 Miro Eutil 850 – 852 Fredelo, also count of Toulouse 852 – 863 Raymond ...
Peter II, Count Of Saint-Pol
... Peter II (Pierre de Luxembourg c. 1440-25 October 1482) was Count of Saint-Pol, of Brienne, Marle and Soissons ... In 1478 Peter was made a knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece ...
Peter Delyan - Petar Delyan As Leader of The Bulgarian Uprising
... rebellion Delyan was proclaimed emperor (Tsar) of Bulgaria in Belgrade under the name Peter II by being raised atop a shield by leaders of the resistance, and perhaps enjoyed some support from Hungary ... Peter II Delyan took Niš and Skopje, first co-opting and then eliminating another potential leader in the person of one Tihomir, who had led a rebellion in the ... After this Petar II marched on Thessalonica, where the Byzantine Emperor Michael IV was staying ...
Mulgrave Castle - History - Second Castle
1170, leaving a son William II who died in 1195 leaving an heiress Joan, who brought the barony and castle to her husband Robert de Turnham (d.1211) ... heiress was Isabel de Turnham who brought the barony and castle to Peter I de Mauley (or Maulay) (d.1241) to whom she had been granted in marriage by King John on the escheatment of ... Peter I's heir was Peter II de Mauley (1226–1279), who married Joan de Brus (d.1243), one of five sisters of Peter III de Brus (d.1272), feudal baron of Skelton, Yorkshire, who was his brother-in ...
Capture Of Gibraltar - Background
... and trade (particularly gold from Brazil) it was not hard for the Allied diplomats to induce King Peter II to sign the Methuen Treaties of May 1703 and join the Alliance ... Once Peter II had committed himself to war the Allied fleets gained access to Portugal's harbours, in particular the port of Lisbon ... In return for his allegiance Peter II had demanded military and financial aid and territorial concessions in Spain he had also asked that the Allies send to Lisbon Emperor Leopold I's younger ...

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