What is perimeter?

  • (noun): A line enclosing a plane areas.
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A perimeter is a path that surrounds an area. The word comes from the Greek peri (around) and meter (measure). The term may be used either for the path or its length - it can be thought of as the length of the outline of a shape. The perimeter of a circular area is called its circumference.

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Perception of Perimeter
... Perimeter, along with area, are the main two geometric figures measures ... (or a reduction) of a shape make its area grow (or decrease) as well as its perimeter ... For example, if a field is drawn on a 1/10,000 scale map, the actual field perimeter can be calculated multiplying the drawing perimeter by 10,000 ...
Confederate Monument In Perryville - Gallery
... view of the monument Monument on a cloudy day Perimeter of the monument Perimeter of the monument on a cloudy day Closeup of the rear of the monument Far view of the rear of the perimeter ...
Perimeter (disambiguation)
... The perimeter is the distance around a given two-dimensional object ... It may also refer to The colloquial name for Interstate 285, and related locations Perimeter Center and Perimeter Mall Perimeter (video game) and its sequel, Perimeter 2 New Earth Perimeter ... Perimeter, the official name of the Soviet missile defense system known as Dead Hand ...
Battle Of Honsinger Bluff - The Battle - The Siege
... area, the cavalry troops dismounted, forming a semicircular perimeter along a former channel of the Yellowstone ... cavalry was every fourth man holding horses, however, due to the length of the semicircular perimeter, every eighth man held horses ... attempted to flank the cavalry's perimeter by traveling down along the river ...

More definitions of "perimeter":

  • (noun): The size of something as given by the distance around it.
    Synonyms: circumference
  • (noun): The boundary line or the area immediately inside the boundary.
    Synonyms: margin, border