What is octet?

  • (noun): A musical composition written for eight performers.
    Synonyms: octette
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Silesian Guitar Octet
... Silesian Guitar Octet is the only performing octet in the world that has a stable structure ... The Octet consists of professors, graduates and students of Musical Academy in Katowice, Poland ...
Supernet - Examples
... and aligned in a list Address First Octet Second Octet Third Octet Fourth Octet 00000000. 00000000. 11000000 ... First Octet Second Octet Third Octet Fourth Octet Address Netmask 00000000. /20 The summarized route is 192.168 ...
Silesian Guitar Octet - The Octet
... The Silesian Guitar Octet has recorded for BBC WORLDS television and Polish Radio ... The Silesian Guitar Octet has appeared in numerous concerts in Poland as well as in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Slovakia, Sweden, Austria, Greece, Italy and in the UK ...
Octet - Science
... Octet (computing), a grouping of eight bits Octet rule, chemical theory stating that atoms tend to combine so they each have eight valence electrons Octet stream, alternative name for byte stream ...

More definitions of "octet":

  • (noun): A set of eight similar things considered as a unit.
    Synonyms: octette
  • (noun): Eight performers or singers who perform together.
    Synonyms: octette