What is mount lemmon?

Mount Lemmon

Mount Lemmon (O'odham: Babad Doʼag) is the highest point in the Santa Catalina Mountains, located in the Coronado National Forest north of Tucson, Arizona, United States. It is 9,157 feet (2,791 m) above sea-level, and receives approximately 180 inches of snow annually. Mount Lemmon received its English name in honor of botanist Sarah Plummer Lemmon, who trekked to the top of the mountain with Native American guides by mule and foot in 1881.

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Catalina Highway - Tourism
... The Catalina Highway provides the only paved access to attractions on Mount Lemmon and the Santa Catalina Mountains, and has become a popular destination for tourism in the region ... The Mount Lemmon Ski Valley, located at the summit of the highway, operates a ski slope during the winter months and remains open during the summer, offering summer "sky. 2010 saw the inaugural running of the Mount Lemmon Marathon which saw nearly 800 participants finish the race from near the start of the highway up to Summerhaven ...
Tucson, Arizona - Geography - Mount Lemmon
... Mount Lemmon, the highest peak of the Santa Catalina Mountains, reaches an elevation of 9,157 feet (2,791 m) above sea level ... The mountain is named after 19th century botanist Sara Lemmon ... Lemmon botanized extensively along the way, including collecting the plant Tagetes lemmoni which is now called the Mount Lemmon marigold ...
Mount Lemmon - Back Side
... A dirt "access" road to the summit on the "back side" of Mount Lemmon starts in Oracle, which is on state highway 77 northeast of Tucson ...
List Of Minor Planets: 173001–174000
... Discoverer(s) 173001–173100 173001 - 2006 MH15 June 20, 2006 Mount Lemmon Mount Lemmon Survey 173002 Dorfi 2006 OS July 17, 2006 Altschwendt W ... Ries 173003 - 2006 OD6 July 18, 2006 Mount Lemmon Mount Lemmon Survey 173004 - 2006 OH14 July 21, 2006 Mount Lemmon Mount Lemmon Survey 173005 - 2006 OQ20 July 30 ... Spacewatch 173092 - 2007 RP240 September 14, 2007 Mount Lemmon Mount Lemmon Survey 173093 - 2007 TH35 October 7, 2007 Mount Lemmon Mount Lemmon Survey 173094 - 2007 TM69 October 14 ...

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