What is marsh?

  • (noun): United States painter (1898-1954).
    Synonyms: Reginald Marsh
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A marsh is a type of wetland that is dominated by herbaceous rather than woody plant species. Marshes can often be found at the edges of lakes and streams, where they form a transition between the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. They are often dominated by grasses, rushes or reeds. If woody plants are present they tend to be low-growing shrubs. This form of vegetation is what differentiates marshes from other types of wetland such as swamps, which are dominated by trees, and bogs, which are wetlands that have accumulated deposits of acidic peat.

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Marsh, Buckinghamshire
0.820074°W / 51.778243 -0.820074 Marsh Marsh OS grid reference SP815095 Civil parish Great and Little Kimble District Wycombe Shire county ... The name Marsh is also given to the nearby Marsh Level Crossing on the railway line that runs from Princes Risborough to Aylesbury ...
Ronald James Marsh
... Ronald Marsh, sometimes cited as Ronald James Marsh (1914–1987), was a British author who was born in Broadstairs in Kent and spent much of his life in Rochester, where he was City Librarian ... Ronald Marsh's other novels include Your Brother Still (1953), which concerns arson in a dockyard (an offence still punishable by death at that time) and The Quarry (1962), which ... Persondata Name Marsh, Ronald James Alternative names Short description Date of birth 1914 Place of birth Date of death 1987 Place of death ...
Albert L. Marsh
... Albert Leroy Marsh, (1877–1944) was an American metallurgist ... For this invention, Marsh was acclaimed as "father of the electrical heating industry" ...
Boyd Hoyland - Development
... Marsh told Inside Soap's Jason Herbison that Summer "freaks out" because their mother has been dead for years and when she tries to tell Boyd this, he ... Marsh said "it's like he has to deal with her death all over again." Summer gets her brother to the hospital, where he is diagnosed as being in the early stages of adolescent ... Of how his character is feeling, Marsh explained "Boyd freaks out, because this is what he has been afraid of all along." Boyd's stepmother Stephanie Scully (Carla ...
Marsh Mallow
... Marsh mallow is an alternate spelling of marshmallow, which can refer to Althaea officinalis, a mallow flower found in marshes, therefore marsh mallow Marshmallow, a spongy confection that was originally ...

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  • (noun): New Zealand writer of detective stories (1899-1982).
    Synonyms: Ngaio Marsh
  • (noun): Low-lying wet land with grassy vegetation; usually is a transition zone between land and water.
    Synonyms: marshland, fen, fenland