What is kerb?

  • (noun): An edge between a sidewalk and a roadway consisting of a line of curbstones (usually forming part of a gutter).
    Synonyms: curb, curbing

Some articles on kerb:

Taunusstein - Culture and Sightseeing - Regular Events
... Bleischter Kerb (kermis) Orlener Markt (market) Orlener Kerb (kermis) Hahner Kerb (kermis) Zentrumsfest (“Centre Festival”) Weher Markt (With this market it is a ...
Kassel Kerb - Variants
... The Erfurt Busbord kerb is deployed since 2007 with a height of 24 cm ... (the kerb in Kassel has been 18 cm) ... The Berlin Combibord kerb has a height of 21 cm above rail (the kerb elements in Dresden have a height of 24 cm above rail) ...
Münster-Sarmsheim - Culture and Sightseeing - Festivals
... Once a year, the kermis (church consecration festival, locally known as the Kerb) takes place in Münster-Sarmsheim ... Traditionally, the Kerb begins on the Friday with services at Saint Peter’s and Saint Paul’s Church and the mayor’s keg-tapping ... The Kerb ends Monday evening ...