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Countdown To Final Crisis - Story - Donna Troy, Jason Todd, Kyle Rayner, and Ray Palmer
... While searching for Jason, the Challengers find Mary, Harley, Holly and then Karate Kid, just after Brother Eye removes the Morticoccus virus from him ... and Mary Marvel attempt to figure out what to do about Karate Kid, who lays dying from the virus he's carrying ... The group goes to see Dubbilex for help with Karate Kid, only to learn that he has already died ...
List Of The Karate Kid Characters - The Karate Kid Remake - Cheng
... Similarly as in the first 'The Karate Kid' film, Dre earns Cheng's respect when he beats him at the finals of the 'Open Kung Fu Tournament' and Cheng ... This is similar to the opening scene in Karate Kid, Part II (Miyagi rescues Johnny from John Kreese) and is implied that this is how the remake of the sequel will begin, on the account that there will be a Karate ...
List Of Nintendo Entertainment System Games - Licensed Games
01991-05-01May 1991 LJN Best of the Best Championship Karate 01992-12-01December 1992 Electro Brain Loriciels Bigfoot 01990-08-01August 1990 01991-01-24January 24, 1991 Acclaim Entertainment Bill Ted's Excellent ... Quantum Fighter 01991-01-01January 1991 01992-02-20February 20, 1992 HAL Laboratory Karate Champ 01986-11-01November 1986 Data East The Karate Kid 01987-11-01November 1987 LJN Karnov 01988-01-01January 1988 ... Kids 01992-02-01February 1992 01993-05-19May 19, 1993 Virgin Interactive Ocean Software M.U.L.E ...

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    Ever since I was a kid my folks fed me bigotry for breakfast and ignorance for supper. Never, not once did they ever make me feel proud of where I was born. That’s it. That was a cancer they put in me. No knowledge of my country. No pride. Just a hymn of hate.
    Samuel Fuller (b. 1911)

    Since mothers are more likely to take children to their activities—the playground, ballet or karate class, birthday parties—they get a chance to see other children in action.... Fathers usually don’t spend as much time with other people’s kids; because of this, they have a narrower view of what constitutes “normal” behavior, and therefore what should or shouldn’t require parental discipline.
    Ron Taffel (20th century)