What is intelligent design?

Intelligent Design

Intelligent design (ID) is a form of creationism promulgated by the Discovery Institute. The Institute defines it as the proposition that "certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection." It is a contemporary adaptation of the traditional teleological argument for the existence of God, presented by its advocates as "an evidence-based scientific theory about life's origins" rather than "a religious-based idea". The leading proponents of intelligent design are associated with the Discovery Institute, a politically conservative think tank, and believe the designer to be the Christian deity.

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Some articles on intelligent design:

Michael Egnor - Intelligent Design
... Egnor is a signatory to the Discovery Institute intelligent design campaign A Scientific Dissent From Darwinism and Physicians and Surgeons who Dissent from Darwinism ... an essay on the Discovery Institute's intelligent design blog claiming that evolution was irrelevant to medicine ...
Science, Evolution, And Creationism - Critical Response
... The pro-intelligent design organization, the Discovery Institute, states that Science, Evolution, and Creationism "completely misrepresent intelligent design" and ... statement from a leading scientific authority about the scientific bankruptcy of intelligent design creationism." ...
Spore (2008 Video Game) - Reception - Scientific Accuracy
... a game which seems to further the idea of intelligent design under the badge of science, and they bristle at its willingness to use words like "evolution" and "mutation" in entirely ... Will Wright argues that developers "put the player in the role of an intelligent designer," because of the lack of emotional engagement of early prototype focusing on mutation ... Intelligent design advocate Michael Behe of Lehigh University reviewed the game and said that Spore "has nothing to do with real science or real ...
Intelligent Design - Status Outside The United States - Australia
... The status of intelligent design in Australia is somewhat similar to that in the UK (see Education in Australia) ... Federal Education Minister, Brendan Nelson, raised the notion of intelligent design being taught in science classes, the public outcry caused the minister to quickly concede that the correct forum ...
Ahmadiyya Views On Evolution - Views On Creationism and Intelligent Design
... Intelligent design models are also rejected as are certain aspects of Islamic creationism that some modernist religious bodies have postulated ... it would be incorrect to say (as Creationism/Intelligent design suggests) that God formed the human being in an instant ...

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    Humility is often only the putting on of a submissiveness by which men hope to bring other people to submit to them; it is a more calculated sort of pride, which debases itself with a design of being exalted; and though this vice transform itself into a thousand several shapes, yet the disguise is never more effectual nor more capable of deceiving the world than when concealed under a form of humility.
    François, Duc De La Rochefoucauld (1613–1680)

    If the minds of women were enlightened and improved, the domestic circle would be more frequently refreshed by intelligent conversation, a means of edification now deplorably neglected, for want of that cultivation which these intellectual advantages would confer.
    Sarah M. Grimke (1792–1873)