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Luzianne - Products
... Iced Tea Luzianne Iced Tea Luzianne Decaf Iced Tea Luzianne Green Iced Tea Luzianne Peach Iced Tea Luzianne Raspberry Iced Tea Luzianne Lemon Iced Tea Luzianne Iced Tea Flavoring ...
Capachino - Iced Cappuccino
... In North America, however, the terms "Cappuccino Freddo" or "Iced cappuccino", if offered, may be somewhat of a misnomer if the characteristic frothed milk is omitted ... without the frothed milk the drink is called an "iced latte" ... An 'Iced capp' or 'Icecap', short for 'Iced Cappuccino', has in recent years become a very widespread summer beverage in Canada ...
List Of Coffee Beverages - Iced Coffee
... Iced coffee is a cold variant of the normally hot beverage coffee ... Farmers Union Iced Coffee Toddy coffee ...
Sweet Leaf Tea Company - History
... throughout Alabama and Mississippi where he saw the abundance of homemade iced tea that all the local "mom and pop" restaurants served ... tea on the market that tasted like homemade iced tea ... Using his grandmother's iced tea recipe, Clayton Christopher and his best friend and business partner, David Smith started brewing tea in pillow cases and crawfish pots in Hen's kitchen then using garden ...
Mc Café - International Expansion
... have added mocha, cappuccino, espresso, americano, latte, iced latte, iced mocha and hot chocolate to their menus ... This would include the addition of iced frappés, iced fruit smoothies and a rebranding of the standard McDonald's coffee to "McCafé." ...

Famous quotes containing the word iced:

    Mr. Edward Carson, QC: Do you drink champagne yourself?
    Mr. Oscar Wilde: Yes; iced champagne is a favourite drink of mine—strongly against my doctor’s orders.
    Mr. Edward Carson, QC: Never mind your doctor’s orders, sir!
    Mr. Oscar Wilde: I never do.
    Oscar Wilde (1854–1900)