What is Hakka?

  • (noun): A dialect of Chinese spoken in southeastern China; this form of Chinese is not well known outside China because few of the Hakka people have migrated.
    Synonyms: Hakka dialect


The Hakka (Hakka: Hak-kâ; Chinese: 客家; Mandarin Pinyin: Kèjiā; Jyutping: haak3gaa1), sometimes Hakka Han, are Han Chinese who speak the Hakka language and have links to the provincial areas of Guangdong, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Sichuan, Hunan and Fujian in China.

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... Hakka is the new President of the Ferrymen River Department in WFO ... His personality slightly resembles that of Bekkō's and Chika's father he is sometimes serious, cool, and mysterious, but at most other times he can be simply whimsical ...
Second Larut War - 16 June 1865
... house in Klian Pauh, a quarrel between a Fui Chew Hakka and a Chung Shan Hakka ... In Perak the Fui Chew Hakka were members of the Ghee Hin society and likewise the Chung Shan Hakka there were members of the Hai San Society ... esclated when 1,000 armed Chung Shan Hakka men turned up and attacked the Fui Chew taking 14 Fui Chew men prisoner ...
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... Lam Yiu-Kwai 林耀桂 (1877-1966 Huiyang, Guangdong born in China Hakka pronunciation Lim Yau Gui), Creator of dragon-styled Chinese martial art, Dragon Kung Fu, which has its origins from Hakka Kuen Chin Lik ...
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... Changting (simplified Chinese 长汀 traditional Chinese 長汀 pinyin Chángtīng Hakka Chinese Tshòng-tin), also known as Tingzhou or Tingchow(汀州), is a county in ... The majority of the population belongs to the Hakka people (客家人) and speaks Hakka (客家话) dialect ...