What is gamey?

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Louis Rhead - Bibliography
... "Bass as Gamey Fighters" ... "The Carp as a Gamey Food Fish" ... "Fly Fishing for the Gamey Little Trout Pickeral" ...
Thomas Gamey
... Thomas Gamey (1825 – 1898) was an Irish-born Ontario farmer and political figure ... He was born in County Tyrone, Ireland, the son of Thomas Gamey, and came to Upper Canada with his family in 1834 ... Gamey was a justice of the peace ...
Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern - Episodes - Season 5
... terrible, tastes like old reptile and mud Fertilized duck egg Imposing, scary, gamey, malardy, wet, feathery, marshy, bad egg yolk flavor, disgusting Sauteed flying fox with garlic, spring onions, chili peppers ... heart, kidney, liver, and lard (unspecified animal) Pretty good, gamey, can taste parts, nicely spiced, rich Pickled vegetable (unspecified variety) Sweet, sour, delicious ... Intestines are gamey 51 (4) May 17, 2010 Arizona Andrew goes to Monument Valley and visits a Navajo family, the Phoenix/Tucson corridor, South Tucson, learns to build a deadfall ...

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  • (adj): Used of the smell of game beginning to taint.
    Synonyms: gamy, high