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List Of Charmed Characters - Alphabetical Character Biographical Listings - Horsemen, Four
... The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, (Death, Famine, Strife, and War) The Four Horsemen in the Charmed Universe of "Apocalypse Not" (2000 AD) were servants of The Source of All Evil employed ... scheduled time of the correctly calculated New Millennium instant, which would have restored the four's ability to end history and given evil a victory ... to surprise good having failed, the Source thriftily reabsorbed the powers he'd given the four, doing them in—and opening the vortex himself to collect the powers of War trapped in the vortex with Prue ...
The Forsyte Saga (2002 Miniseries) - Episode Plots - Four
... Old Jolyon goes to his brother James to withdraw his will and place it with another solicitor ... He then goes to his son's house and expresses his desire to "be a family again." He expects them to feel relief and gratitude at the offer, but he is told that one could be happy despite poverty ...
Four, Isère
... Four is a commune in the Isère department in south-eastern France. ...

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  • (adj): Being one more than three.
    Synonyms: 4, iv