What is flash memory?

  • (noun): Nonvolatile storage that can be electrically erased and programmed anew.

Flash Memory

Flash memory is an electronic (i.e. no moving parts) non-volatile computer storage device which can be electrically erased and reprogrammed.

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Some articles on flash memory:

M-Systems - Corporate Relationships - Samsung
... M-Systems did not produce the Flash memory used in their devices ... Instead they worked closely with other Flash memory manufacturers to use multiple suppliers of memory ... announced a cooperative agreement between them that would combine the Samsung NAND Flash memory technology with the M-Systems' TrueFFS controller ...
Spansion - Products
... It has developed two Flash memory technologies, single-bit-per-cell floating gate technology and one-, two- or more-bit-per-cell MirrorBit technology, with ... code storage and execution is based on NOR Flash memory architecture and utilize either traditional floating gate technology or its MirrorBit technology ... Technology represents nearly one fourth of the entire NOR flash memory market ...
List Of Solid-state Drive Manufacturers
... those manufacturers that also produce hard disk drives and/or flash memory are identified ... Additionally the type of memory used in their solid-state drives is noted ... does not include manufacturers of only a component of the SSD, like the flash memory controller ...
Silicon Storage Technology - History
... a team of engineers developed a non-volatile memory technology company called "SuperFlash" for code or data storage in electronic systems and embedded memory for integrated logic circuits ... Non-volatile memory devices retain data without a continuous supply of power ... microprocessor or microcontroller-based electronic system requires non-volatile memory to store a basic instruction set critical to the operation of the system ...
Flash Memory - Flash Scalability
... structure and high demand for higher capacity, NAND flash memory is the most aggressively scaled technology among electronic devices ... law, this has recently been accelerated in the case of NAND flash to a factor of two every two years ... As the feature size of flash memory cells reaches the minimum limit, further flash density increases will be driven by greater levels of MLC, possibly 3-D stacking of transistors, and improvements to the manufacturing ...

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