What is fatigue?

More definitions of "fatigue":

  • (noun): (always used with a modifier) boredom resulting from overexposure to something.
    Example: "He was suffering from museum fatigue"; "after watching TV with her husband she had a bad case of football fatigue"; "the American public is experiencing scandal fatigue"; "political fatigue"
  • (noun): Used of materials (especially metals) in a weakened state caused by long stress.
    Example: "Metal fatigue"
  • (noun): Temporary loss of strength and energy resulting from hard physical or mental work.
    Example: "He was hospitalized for extreme fatigue"; "growing fatigue was apparent from the decline in the execution of their athletic skills"
    Synonyms: weariness, tiredness
  • (noun): Labor of a nonmilitary kind done by soldiers (cleaning or digging or draining or so on).
    Example: "The soldiers were put on fatigue to teach them a lesson"
    Synonyms: fatigue duty

Famous quotes containing the word fatigue:

    I thank heaven that the 4th. of July is over. It is always a day of great fatigue to me, and of some embarrassments from improper intrusions and some from unintended exclusions.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)

    Never tire yourself more than necessary, even if you have to found a culture on the fatigue of your bones.
    Antonin Artaud (1896–1948)

    Croft had an instinctive knowledge of land, sensed the stresses and torsions that had first erupted it, the abrasions of wind and water. The platoon had long ceased to question any direction he took; they knew he would be right as infallibly as sun after darkness or fatigue after a long march.
    Norman Mailer (b. 1923)