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TIFF/EP - Differences From TIFF and Exif
... There are no major departures by the TIFF/EP standard from the TIFF standard, except that many of the TIFF tags are ignored ... The TIFF/EP standard does however have a few notable differences from the Exif standards All tags used by TIFF/EP which are defined by the Exif standard to reside ... The Exif IFD Sub-IFD, Interoperability Sub-IFD and the MakerNote Tag have all been omitted ...
Exchangeable Image File Format - Problems - Technical
... Apart from not being a maintained standard, the Exif format has a number of drawbacks, mostly relating to its use of legacy file structures ... The derivation of Exif from the TIFF file structure using offset pointers in the files means that data can be spread anywhere within a file, which means that software is likely to corrupt any pointers or ... For this reason most image editors damage or remove the Exif metadata to some extent upon saving ...

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