What is dumbbell?


The dumbbell, a type of free weight, is a piece of equipment used in weight training. It can be used individually or in pairs (one for each hand).

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Dumbbell (disambiguation)
... Dumbbell may also refer to The Dumbbell Nebula is a planetary nebula (M27), which is shaped like a dumbbell Physics A p atomic orbital has the approximate shape of ...
Arnold Strongman Classic - Regular Events
... The Circus Dumbbell - This is the classic "Circus" dumbbell, used by professional Strongmen from the early 20th century ... Richard Sorin reproduced the dumbbell for this event ... The requirement in 2008 was to use one hand at a time and lift the dumbbell overhead as many times as possible in 90 s ...
Sample Pre-ex Cycles
... side delt raise/dumbbell press pec-dec/quad extension/quad press or squat leg curl/stiff-leg deadlift hyperextension/standard deadlift shrug/upright row dumbbell curl/undergrip chin pulley pullover (stif ...
List Of Engine Sentai Go-onger Episodes - Episodes - Runaway Bomper
... Yoshimoto January 11, 2009 The Go-on Wings battle Dumbbell Banki to prevent him from polluting the air with his CO2 breath, with the Savage Machine Beast ... after training to be the controllers of Dumbbell Banki's forearms ... While this occurs, the other Go-ongers deal with Dumbbell Banki whose arms are being poorly controlled by Kitaneidas and Kegalesia before ordered to retreat with he's beyond their range of control ...

More definitions of "dumbbell":

  • (noun): An exercising weight; two spheres connected by a short bar that serves as a handle.