What is drought?

  • (noun): A temporary shortage of rainfall.
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A drought is an extended period of months or years when a region notes a deficiency in its water supply whether surface or underground water. Generally, this occurs when a region receives consistently below average precipitation. It can have a substantial impact on the ecosystem and agriculture of the affected region. Although droughts can persist for several years, even a short, intense drought can cause significant damage and harm the local economy.

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Soil Moisture Active Passive - Science and Applications - Drought
... moisture information will improve the monitoring and forecasting of drought conditions, enabling new capabilities for mitigating drought impacts ...
Agriculture In Morocco - Drought
... Nevertheless, the danger of drought is ever present ... On average, drought occurs in Morocco every third year, creating a volatility in agricultural production that is the main constraint on expansion in the sector ... Droughts are most commonly the main concern for farmers in Morocco due to the major agricultural production that is a massive part of Morocco's ...
Drought - Protection and Relief
... Strategies for drought protection, mitigation or relief include Dams - many dams and their associated reservoirs supply additional water in times of drought ... Drought monitoring - Continuous observation of rainfall levels and comparisons with current usage levels can help prevent man-made drought ... predict increased risk for wildfires, using such metrics as the Keetch-Byram Drought Index or Palmer Drought Index ...
Causes Of The Holodomor - Natural Reasons
... Drought has been mentioned as the major reason for the Holodomor by Soviet sources since 1983 ... He says that rustic plant disease, rather than drought, was the cause of the famine ... These conditions reduced the potential yield, as drought had in 1931 ...
Agriculture In Niger - Drought and Environmental Degradation
... has been especially true in the 20th century, with the most severe drought on record beginning in the late 1960s and lasting, with one break, well into the 1980s ... Market prices driven up by drought and a plague of desert locust in 2005–2006 caused a major food crisis in parts of the nation ... laterite soils and soil degraded by overfarming, wind, desertification, and drought ...

More definitions of "drought":

  • (noun): A prolonged shortage.

Famous quotes containing the word drought:

    As the fields fear drought in autumn, so people fear poverty in old age.
    Chinese proverb.

    A worm is as good a traveler as a grasshopper or a cricket, and a much wiser settler. With all their activity these do not hop away from drought nor forward to summer. We do not avoid evil by fleeing before it, but by rising above or diving below its plane; as the worm escapes drought and frost by boring a few inches deeper.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)