What is disclosed?

  • (adj): Made known (especially something secret or concealed).
    Example: "The disclosed purpose of their wicked plan"
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More definitions of "disclosed":

  • (adj): No longer concealed; uncovered as by opening a curtain; 'discovered' is archaic and primarily a theater term.
    Example: "The scene disclosed was of a moonlit forest"
    Synonyms: discovered, revealed

Famous quotes containing the word disclosed:

    Had Adam tenderly reproved his wife, and endeavored to lead her to repentance instead of sharing in her guilt, I should be much more ready to accord to man that superiority which he claims; but as the facts stand disclosed by the sacred historian, it appears to me that to say the least, there was as much weakness exhibited by Adam as by Eve. They both fell from innocence, and consequently from happiness, but not from equality.
    Sarah M. Grimke (1792–1873)