What is defeat?

  • (noun): An unsuccessful ending.
    Synonyms: licking
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USS Trumbull (1776) - Defeat
... At nightfall, a rain squall struck with terrific force and carried away Trumbull's fore-topmast and her main topgallantmast ... Forced to run before the wind, the frigate separated from the convoy and their escorts, and soon found herself engaged with the frigate Iris (the former Continental frigate Hancock), and the 18-gun ship General Monk (the former Continental privateer General Washington) ...
Battle Of Parwan
... ill-managed being tribal Lashkar, they managed to defeat the Mongol hordes under the command of Shikhikhutug after the day long battle at Parwan in the vicinity of Ghazni ... The battle being the first and only defeat in the lifetime of Genghis Khan (after he had risen to power as Khagan), and it enraged him ... prince did not prove himself as able in victory as he had been in defeat ...
Members of House Baenre - Dantrag Baenre
... of bracers that increase the speed of his hands, allowing him to defeat many of his opponents by simply striking so fast that they cannot move fast enough to effectively counter ... Drizzt Do'Urden's father, and thus longs to defeat Drizzt, Zaknafein's son and protégé, to emerge from under Zak's shadow ... Dantrag is defeated and slain by Drizzt, who tells Dantrag that if he was able to defeat him, Zaknafein certainly would have as well ...
West Germany At The 1972 Summer Olympics - Football
... Germany - Eliminated in Second Round First round 3-0-0 Defeat Morocco 3-0 Defeat Malaysia 3-0 Defeat the United States 7-0 Second Round 0-1-2 (Did not advance) Drew with Mexico 1-1 Lost ...
Jay Bothroyd - Club Career - Queens Park Rangers
... on the opening day of the season, playing the full 90 minutes of a 4-0 defeat at home to Bolton Wanderers ... He scored his second goal in the following game, opening the scoring a 3-2 defeat at home to eventual league winners Manchester City ...

More definitions of "defeat":

  • (noun): The feeling that accompanies an experience of being thwarted in attaining your goals.
    Synonyms: frustration

Famous quotes containing the word defeat:

    The daily arguments over putting away the toys or practicing the piano defeat us so easily. We see them coming yet they frustrate us time and time again. In many cases, we are mothers and fathers who have managed budgets and unruly bosses and done difficult jobs well through sheer tenacity and dogged preparation. So why are we unable to persuade someone three feet tall to step into six inches of water at bathtime?
    Cathy Rindner Tempelsman (20th century)

    One strong wolf cannot defeat a pack of dogs; one strong arm cannot defeat many fists.
    Chinese proverb.

    Mrs. Van Hopper: Most girls would give their eyes for a chance to see Monte.
    Maxim de Winter: Wouldn’t that rather defeat the purpose?
    Robert E. Sherwood (1896–1955)