What is control grid?

  • (noun): An electrode placed between the cathode and anode of a vacuum tube to control the flow of electrons through the tube.
    Synonyms: grid

Control Grid

The control grid is an electrode used in thermionic valves (vacuum tubes) used to modulate the flow of electrons in the cathode to anode or plate circuit.

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List Of Vacuum Tubes - American Designation (with European Equivalents) - 6 Volt Heater/filament Tubes
6A7 has a UX7 base with top cap connection for control grid (grid 4). 6A8 is octal version with top cap connection for control grid ... heater and indirectly heated cathode, two internally connected triode grids—one with sharp cutoff characteristics, one with remote cutoff characteristics—and two plates, one for ...
Control Grid - Grid Variations
... A variation of the control grid is to produce the helix with a variable pitch ... amplifiers where an alteration of the grid bias changes the mutual conductance and hence the gain of the device ... of the triode valve is that there is considerable capacitance between the grid and the anode (Cag) ...
Tetrode - Grids - Screen Grid
... The second grid, called "screen grid" or sometimes "shield grid", provides a screening effect, isolating the control grid from the anode, reducing the parasitic capacitance ... of the tube causes a feedback effect which increases the apparent capacitance of the tube's grid, limiting the tube's high-frequency gain ... In normal operation the screen grid is connected to a positive voltage, and bypassed to the cathode with a capacitor ...
Plate Detector (radio) - Overview - Controlling Volume Levels
... volume levels are adjusted by a potentiometer (typically 500 kΩ to 2 MΩ audio taper) that controls audio signal levels at the control grid of the A.F ... the most common connection of the volume control potentiometer (typically 4 kΩ to 15 kΩ linear taper) is as follows The low side of the potentiometer is ... volume controls are usually equipped with a "stop" that maintains a small amount of resistance between the center wiper and the high end connection ...
Bootstrapping (electronics) - Output Swing
... through it the voltage drop developed across it raises the cathode voltage relative to the control grid voltage which is effectively the same as placing a negative voltage on the control grid relative to ... This negative grid voltage relative to the cathode is referred to as the bias, and obtaining the bias by employing a series cathode resistor eliminates the requirement for a separate negative voltage source but ... voltage swing between the control grid and cathode, increasing the overall A.C ...

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